The torus and the universe



Shaped like a donut, with rings that are vertical, and rings that are horizontal.  The surface represents the fabric of space-time.  This fabric is flexible, stretchable, and compressible. It can stretch like a rubber band or compress like a snowball.  It moves in a spiral whirlwind around the surface. To understand all the factors at work, let us examine the factors at play, as well as the relationships they have.  E=mc2, Einstein’s theory.  E is energy, M is matter, c^2 acceleration at light speed.  The entire surface flows in two primary directions, along the circular lines both vertical and horizontal.  Two funnel shapes, one on the top, and one on the bottom. The top funnel, the fabric of space-time flows up and out like a fountain, and the bottom funnel is like a vacuum vortex that sucks everything in.  As the geometry shows, space-time is expanded to the maximum at the equator ring, and has compressed to minimum at the center point, middle of the torus.  The horizontal latitude rings represent time, and the vertical longitude rings represent space.   The movement and action is time.  The matter (m) exists within the fabric of space-time, and Energy is the driving force that causes motion, this motion creates time.  The order is Energy, Time, Space, and Matter.

The center point

 On the bottom half of the torus, the process of Energy converting into matter is in effect. As Energy turns into Matter as the fabric of space-time flows from the equator towards the center, as more energy converts to mass, simultaneously it is compressed into smaller space, it gets heavier and denser, the dwindling energy slows down time, and it eventually is pulled into the center point.  At the true center, all energy has converted to matter, and all matter has been compressed into a zero space volume, and time has stopped, no motion exists.  At the true center nothing exists, not space-time, nor energy or matter.  Space-time has reached zero.  The point of non-existence of anything.

As the fabric of space-time moves from the equator toward the bottom vortex (black hole), matter is compressed into smaller and smaller volume,   near the center point, matter is like an anchor, just before matter enters the true center, it has been compressed into a zero space, and zero time.  The center is like an invisible particle with density approaching infinity, and volume equal to zero. Because Density=Mass/Volume, the smaller the Volume, the larger the density.  If Mass=one and Volume=.01, then Density=100, as V gets smaller, D gets bigger. D=1/0.00001 is 100,000.  The paradox is that this pure matter occupies no volume, no space; likewise, it exists with no time, and with no time, no motion, and no motion no energy.  Phantom matter, could this be dark matter?  This point is hollow, with nothing in it; time has stopped and is frozen.


The equator ring

            At the equator, a ring of pure energy that spins ever fast, like a bicycle tire spinning, this spinning ring of energy is the driving force that shapes the fabric of space-time into a spiral.  This ring of spinning energy is pulling and deforming space-time into a twisted spiral like a tornado.  Galaxies have spiral shapes, and look like tornados, a wild cosmos storm.  Flowers, Forces, Fields, and Fires all have the characteristic spiral design.  A design feature that has been dictated by the laws of nature.

The torus theory, in which the center point is so small, it occupies no space, and it has no mass, the center point.  A cross section of the torus in halves is 2 circles rotate in sync, the gears of space-time.  As energy is converted to mass and approaches the center, from the equator it is compressed smaller and smaller, increasing in density, as it moves toward the center, losing energy, slowing down.  With no space, no mass, no time, and no energy it is the coldest point the underside of the torus, the funnel or spout shape, is a black hole sucking everything into it.  And the top side of the torus the opposite is happening, starting from the center, space expands, time slowly accelerates, mass loses density, and matter is slowly converted to energy, near the singularity things happen at a snail pace.  As things move upward and outward, space expands, time accelerates, matter converts to energy, and things stretch out, this process is Matter converting into Energy, space-time is expanding and accelerating.

However, the big bang is described as an instantaneous explosion, which is true, but since time is moving slow, it would appear to us as molasses due to the time distortion between viewpoints.  As the fabric of space-time, matter, and energy move inward or outward, moving in a spiral motion, as matter converts to energy, it accelerates.  On the equator of the torus, the horizontal ring around the torus, all matter has converted into energy; space-energy expands forever, and moves around the outer surface of the torus.  The equator ring is pure energy, it spins round and round like a bicycle tire, but it is hair thin, it spins infinitely fast, it is energy-time, the opposite of space-time, the spinning motion is the force that drives the spiral shape.

Expands forever around and goes on forever, time moves infinitely fast, pure energy stretched across infinite time.  All this works out with Einstein’s equation of E=mc^2, since the fabric of space-time can stretch or compress, the speed of light would vary.  It makes sense logically, and mathematically.  To prove my point that space-time, mass, and energy, are all forms of information, and all interconnected and related, is the fact that others have come up with this theory, concept and idea independently,  because information is not bound by the fabric of space-time.  The paradox, that information is space-time, and that the fabric of space-time is information, form an endless loop, as they define one another, as well as defy one another.  A mirror looking at a mirror.


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