Cities of the future

Cities will transform the future; they will become the economic and social powerhouses.  Cities concentrate, information, people, places, and things, resulting in improved efficiency through proximity,  time savings, waste reducing/elimination, and conservation of natural resources.  The cities of the future will be green, clean, and lean.  They will lack the problems of today’s cities, by virtue of smart design, and proper function.   The characteristics of today’s cities, of congestion, pollution, crime, and poverty will be none existent, nothing like the Gotham city’s of today. The transformation has already begun toward greener and cleaner cities.  A new paradigm is emerging, people are becoming eco-conscious.  Those who cling to the antiquated paradigm will be left behind.  The competative battle for resources  to make profit and hoard wealth will be a thing of the past, and regarded as the mental illness of greed.  The new paradigm will operate with cooperation instead of competition, once it reaches critical mass, ideas, concepts, and innovations will happen so fast, and change will be so rapid, that people will be saying “they had the cooperative advantage” not the “competitive advantage”. The cooperative paradigm will have a significant advantage over competition.  This evolution and revolution will transform the world on a global scale.  A global community of cities linked by high-speed broadband, roads, bridges, high-speed planes, ships, and trains.  These cities will function efficiently, and look beautiful. They will be a hybrid of high tech. and low tech., and look like parks, green clean, safe, eco-friendly, and self-sufficient.  The entire infastructure around the world would be automated as much as possible, machine labor, computer data anylsis, and management systems.  With a multitude of things working together, a domino effect will happen.  Large Corporations will shrink.  Micro-factories will replace mega-factories as the need for mass production of low quality products will diminish. Green technologies and techniques will combine synergistically, and reduce the need for big governments, and big corporatons.  Everything will be micro-managed, and macro-managed simultaneously.  Systems will be integrated and embedded.  The internet of everything, where everything produced will have a microchip tag, to be tracked and managed, everything will be life cycle managed for recycling, down-cycling, and re-purposing, which would eliminate garbage dumps and land fills.  Products will be made to last with high quality intelligent designs,  manufactured in small batches, on demand, and as needed, customized based on individual specifications, as well as taking into account the local conditions where the item will be operating.  Intelligent design takes into account the products environment, selection of proper materials and customization of features, based on where the item will be used, the functions it must perform, and the capacities it will handle, as well as the life cycle management track assigned to it.  The old way of blindly pumping out millions of low quality products and using marketing to create artificial need for things, and adding to the waste cycle will be a thing of the past. The demand for huge shipping ports around the world will diminish, with lower cargo shipping traffic, thus reducing the creation of huge landfills.  Garbage landfills represent the failure of a broken society, they symbolize the mental illness of greed.  The ruthless destruction of the environment must stop, the future of the human race is at risk.

People will meet in virtual places, to conduct business, and for social media as much as possible. In addition, for everything else that cannot be done digitally, people will meet at community centers, community gardens, recreation preserves, and farmers markets.  Most manufacturing will be robotically automated, from food production, to clothing.  Cities will have a network of pedestrian pathways, with a variety of transportation modes, such as walking, and biking, as well as a host of personal transport vehicles (PTVs), such as Segway’s, scooters and golf cart size vehicles.  These cities will be the hubs of civilazation.  The future is bright not bleak.  People, machines, and nature will co-exist in cooperative harmony, by working smarter, not harder.

ptv mit-stackable-city-public-transit-car-project


The torus and the universe



Shaped like a donut, with rings that are vertical, and rings that are horizontal.  The surface represents the fabric of space-time.  This fabric is flexible, stretchable, and compressible. It can stretch like a rubber band or compress like a snowball.  It moves in a spiral whirlwind around the surface. To understand all the factors at work, let us examine the factors at play, as well as the relationships they have.  E=mc2, Einstein’s theory.  E is energy, M is matter, c^2 acceleration at light speed.  The entire surface flows in two primary directions, along the circular lines both vertical and horizontal.  Two funnel shapes, one on the top, and one on the bottom. The top funnel, the fabric of space-time flows up and out like a fountain, and the bottom funnel is like a vacuum vortex that sucks everything in.  As the geometry shows, space-time is expanded to the maximum at the equator ring, and has compressed to minimum at the center point, middle of the torus.  The horizontal latitude rings represent time, and the vertical longitude rings represent space.   The movement and action is time.  The matter (m) exists within the fabric of space-time, and Energy is the driving force that causes motion, this motion creates time.  The order is Energy, Time, Space, and Matter.

The center point

 On the bottom half of the torus, the process of Energy converting into matter is in effect. As Energy turns into Matter as the fabric of space-time flows from the equator towards the center, as more energy converts to mass, simultaneously it is compressed into smaller space, it gets heavier and denser, the dwindling energy slows down time, and it eventually is pulled into the center point.  At the true center, all energy has converted to matter, and all matter has been compressed into a zero space volume, and time has stopped, no motion exists.  At the true center nothing exists, not space-time, nor energy or matter.  Space-time has reached zero.  The point of non-existence of anything.

As the fabric of space-time moves from the equator toward the bottom vortex (black hole), matter is compressed into smaller and smaller volume,   near the center point, matter is like an anchor, just before matter enters the true center, it has been compressed into a zero space, and zero time.  The center is like an invisible particle with density approaching infinity, and volume equal to zero. Because Density=Mass/Volume, the smaller the Volume, the larger the density.  If Mass=one and Volume=.01, then Density=100, as V gets smaller, D gets bigger. D=1/0.00001 is 100,000.  The paradox is that this pure matter occupies no volume, no space; likewise, it exists with no time, and with no time, no motion, and no motion no energy.  Phantom matter, could this be dark matter?  This point is hollow, with nothing in it; time has stopped and is frozen.


The equator ring

            At the equator, a ring of pure energy that spins ever fast, like a bicycle tire spinning, this spinning ring of energy is the driving force that shapes the fabric of space-time into a spiral.  This ring of spinning energy is pulling and deforming space-time into a twisted spiral like a tornado.  Galaxies have spiral shapes, and look like tornados, a wild cosmos storm.  Flowers, Forces, Fields, and Fires all have the characteristic spiral design.  A design feature that has been dictated by the laws of nature.

The torus theory, in which the center point is so small, it occupies no space, and it has no mass, the center point.  A cross section of the torus in halves is 2 circles rotate in sync, the gears of space-time.  As energy is converted to mass and approaches the center, from the equator it is compressed smaller and smaller, increasing in density, as it moves toward the center, losing energy, slowing down.  With no space, no mass, no time, and no energy it is the coldest point the underside of the torus, the funnel or spout shape, is a black hole sucking everything into it.  And the top side of the torus the opposite is happening, starting from the center, space expands, time slowly accelerates, mass loses density, and matter is slowly converted to energy, near the singularity things happen at a snail pace.  As things move upward and outward, space expands, time accelerates, matter converts to energy, and things stretch out, this process is Matter converting into Energy, space-time is expanding and accelerating.

However, the big bang is described as an instantaneous explosion, which is true, but since time is moving slow, it would appear to us as molasses due to the time distortion between viewpoints.  As the fabric of space-time, matter, and energy move inward or outward, moving in a spiral motion, as matter converts to energy, it accelerates.  On the equator of the torus, the horizontal ring around the torus, all matter has converted into energy; space-energy expands forever, and moves around the outer surface of the torus.  The equator ring is pure energy, it spins round and round like a bicycle tire, but it is hair thin, it spins infinitely fast, it is energy-time, the opposite of space-time, the spinning motion is the force that drives the spiral shape.

Expands forever around and goes on forever, time moves infinitely fast, pure energy stretched across infinite time.  All this works out with Einstein’s equation of E=mc^2, since the fabric of space-time can stretch or compress, the speed of light would vary.  It makes sense logically, and mathematically.  To prove my point that space-time, mass, and energy, are all forms of information, and all interconnected and related, is the fact that others have come up with this theory, concept and idea independently,  because information is not bound by the fabric of space-time.  The paradox, that information is space-time, and that the fabric of space-time is information, form an endless loop, as they define one another, as well as defy one another.  A mirror looking at a mirror.

The song of life

We live together, but die alone.  We all exist, as individuals, and part of a whole, such as individual living cells, part of one body.  Apply this concept to the universe; individual planets, part of a solar system, and each solar system, part of a galaxy, and each galaxy part of something yet to be defined. Each moment exists as part of a body of time.  Time is a tool used to measure information.  Time is like a tape measure, with hash marks of individual moments of information captured recorded, replayed and re-recorded. Information in many forms, such as mathematics, energy, space, matter, and gravity; all play a different individual tone, all part of one song called life.

Often struggle to make sense in a senseless world, a time when chaos and confusion abound.  Try to rationalize life as good or evil.  Attempt to justify actions and in-action.  Minimize big failures, and glorify small victories.  Likewise, maximize efficiency at the cost of misery.  With a barrage of information, both use-full, and useless.  Get lost with ideas, concepts, and dreams of the past, present and future.  This is the age of quick judgements, and strong opinions.  People label others, and conceptualize places and things into groups stereotypes and prejudices.  How is it possible to have so much knowledge, but little understanding?  Why do things lack importance? When did words lose meaning, and ideas become hollow?  Where did things go so wrong? Why are things so complex in theory, but so simple in practice, or visa-versa, so simple in theory yet so complex in practice?

Try to fail, and succeed, try to succeed, and fail.  Never get what you want, never have what you need, never give what some one else needs, never receive what you need from some one else.  Embark on a quest to seek truth, and come back home to realize that the truth was at home all along.  You will never find truth, because truth finds you.  Believe in making a difference by sacrificing yourself.  Victory always comes at the cost of greater loss then is justifiable. Time is never lost, time is not a commodity that can be quantified, rationalized, traded, or stored up.  People fear ultimate death of life and being non-existent, but never question the true fear of existing and living forever in “the twilight zone”.  Is life mercy or is death mercy?  In life, we know joy and pain, but in death, we have none.  It makes no sense that joy and pain can be separated, it is a package deal, and one cannot exist without the other, just as life cannot happen without death.  Death is a necessity of life, but death does not need life.  Life demands death, but death demands nothing.

We live together, but die alone.  We all exist, as individuals, and part of a whole, such as individual living cells, part of one body.  Apply this concept to the universe; individual planets, part of a solar system, and each solar system, part of a galaxy, and each galaxy part of something yet to be defined. Each moment exists as part of a body of time.  Time is a tool used to measure information.  Time is like a tape measure, with hash marks of individual moments of information captured recorded, replayed and re-recorded. Information in many forms, such as mathematics, energy, space, matter, and gravity; all play a different individual tone, all part of one song called life.

A battle of paradigms

The American society is strange in that are raised to believe that we should strive for great success, in health and wealth, and to live a happy and meaningful life.  The facts and statistics demonstrate that most people will not achieve great success and wealth.  A system that has a structure, intact, guarded, protected, and defended.  This is a system designed to support the wealthy elite, who have been born into wealth and power, through elite college educational institutions, where alliances are forged with piers, credentials established and rights of passages are approved.  Most poeple do not resent the super rich; and in fact respect them, justify their position, and defend their status.  Because they are the symbols and icons that represent our entire way of life.  The mindset of hard work, determination, and luck, are the formula for success.  The rich remind us, that success is possible, and the american dream is attainable.  These super wealthy are the symbol for the American way of life.

Another aspect of this paradigm that concerns me is the way the poor are viewed and treated.  Blame the poor for being poor, always attributing their misfortune and failure to succeed as personal character flaws, of being lazy, lack of ambition, lack of motivation, being stupid, drug addicts, hunger, violence, lawlessness, and having bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  However, these are the signs and symptoms of poverty not the cause of it.  The root cause is how the system is structured and designed, the concepts, and ideology of the paradigm itself.

A baby is born into poverty, having no support, given no way out, grows up in an extreme place of existence, in either shantytowns, or inner city ghettos.  A place where every basic need and necessity is a struggle.  When the minimum needs of food, shelter, and safety are not met with conventional means, then they do what anyone would do to survive, they lie, cheat, and steal, during hard times, I’m sure you wouldn’t steal a loaf of bread to feed your starving family right?  The drive to survive is, do whatever you have to do to survive, lie, cheat and steal, but to thrive not just survive, fight for what you want, kill or be killed.  Likeminded people will naturally from groups and gangs.  Some of these gangs become wolf packs, using vicious tactics of aggressive force, and deceitful ways.

People are products of their environments, the more they change it, the more it changes them.  The elite scorn the poor with contempt, and no sympathy whatsoever.  Conversely, the poor blame the rich, and have no respect for them whatsoever.  With these two paradigms existing and thriving under the same roof, it is only a matter of time before they face off, and battle out their differences on all levels.  These two paradigms are extreme opposites, both have been forged through generations, both want to dominate, and both have demonstrated the capacity and desire to fight for their beliefs, not only to protect it, but to promote it as well.   For simplification I will call these gangs a religious paradigm, because they have a leader who promotes the dogma and doctrines to live by, the codes of conduct, rules and regulations, and the followers who are loyal, have honor, and strive to be respected.  These gangs have advantages and disadvantages, their strengths are, low value on human life, aggression, violence, and brute force, they can think and act fast, they are seasoned veterans at survival of the fittest, and survival by necessity.  Their weaknesses are short-term gains over long-term prosperity, constant power struggle for leadership, high turnover rate of leadership, susceptible to emotional and selfish decisions; act now think later mentality often stifles the group’s success.   These gangs exist within the larger system, they blend in and go undetected, like weeds that pop up in your yard, no matter what you do they always come back.

For simplicity, I will call this the scientific paradigm.  The scientific paradigm is very large and powerful, but has weaknesses, slow to act and calculate every move it makes.  This paradigm uses economics, technology, and media as strengths.  Most of us are not in either paradigm, but are caught in between the two.   We are the masses who have to abide by the laws of the land, or face the consequences, we have the added condition and misfortune if we cross paths with the gangs, robed maimed or killed without mercy.  These two paradigms are boiling right now, and will face off in an epic battle, religion vs. science.  The prize is you mind, however the victors will emerge with compromised paradigms and be changed by the other before it is over.

Two outcomes are possible, if religion champion’s science, then science will submit and serve religion, creating a Religious-Scientific paradigm, where all things scientific and technological would be explained by religion.   The other possibility is that Science wins, and religion will serve technology, and a Scientific-Religious paradigm emerges, where humankind accepts full responsibility for all things, and each person is his own God and submits to no one but himself, no one takes second place.  No one would be allowed to rule over any one, no central leadership, roam the earth with the power of oneself, lead no-one, follow no-one.

This battle between the science and religion paradigms will be fought on every level.  Physical, psychological, technical and economic, warfare.  This will be the first satellite war, with lasers and EMP weapons, nukes will target aircraft carriers, lasers will zap people from space, and cause complete chaos, utter horror, as well as out-rage.  The biggest impact will not be psychological, but economic.  The monetary banking system will be destroyed, sending the population back to the days of trade and barter with coins.  

Revelation 6:6 (KJV)And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.